ERC Catalysts, Inc. offers a diverse range of services designed to support potential and existing clients on their quest to fully appreciate and understand enzymes and their benefits.


Customer Service

Our genuine, personal and competent staff will provide you with exceptional customer service. You won’t get an automated phone messaging system because we still answer our phones quite often on the first ring. If all of our lines are busy you can leave a short message and we normally return calls the same day. If not, we’ll ring you the next business day. We love what we do and it’s reflected in every aspect of our daily operation. We look forward to serving your enzyme needs.

Product Formulations

ERC Catalysts, Inc. creates enzyme formulations that are designed with a complete working knowledge of today’s current research, market trends and government regulations. All enzyme activity and potency are verified and reported in USP, Food Chemical Codex (FCC) units when available. Trial samples are supplied for your review and approval before the ordering process proceeds.

Technical Support

ERC Catalysts, Inc. is your technical enzyme source. Our enzyme reference library is quite comprehensive and contains many out of print books. We maintain an open door communication policy with all legitimate enzyme manufacturers and suppliers in order to keep an objective, broad-based pulse on the enzyme industry. Through our extensive experience and industry connections we have the answers to your questions from fermentation to finished products.

Research & Development

ERC Catalysts, Inc. was founded as a research facility that tested the efficacy of enzyme formulations for almost a decade utilizing specific forms of blood analysis. This research has been amalgamated and is still used today as a point of reference. We will continue our research efforts in order to bring the latest enzyme advances and technology to the marketplace.

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